Fall Leggings with ADORNit: Look 3

Leggings: c/o A D O R N I T | Top: Target (S I M I L A R) | Shoes: Old Navy (S I M I L A R) | Hat: B E L L A M E | Necklace: F I F T H & M A E

Happy Weekend! This is my third and final look featuring ADORNit's comfy leggings. As you can probably tell by now, I love mixing patterns in my style. I do it quite often, and I love how this poka dot top looks with the fun design of the leggings. I paired those with nude flats and a dainty gold State N E C K L A C E (which I wear almost every day), then pulled the whole look together with a floppy hat (I love the unique color of this one). It was the perfect fall transition outfit! Not to mention how comfortable T H E S E leggings are you guys. I could have worn them for days!

I'm writing to you from St. George, and I have to say that this girl's weekend has been so fun so far. Last night we saw The Little Mermaid at T H E  T U A C A H N, and it was fantastic. Seriously so good. We even went to the pre show luau dinner. Today it's shopping, food, and more shopping! I am definitely missing my baby boy, though (okayyy, sweet toddler boy), and it's only been one night. Thank goodness for awesome grandparents to give me peace of mind that he's in good hands. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget to E N T E R the ADORNit leggings giveaway! 


Fall Leggings with ADORNit: Look 2

Leggings: c/o A D O R N I T | Top: J C  P E N N E Y | Shoes: T A R G E T | Necklace: T A R G E T

Here's the my second look from our Fall Leggings Giveaway with ADORNit! I think these leggings are probably my favorite out of all of them: I love the woodsy feel, and the colors couldn't be more perfect for fall.  I can't wait to pair them with some boots as the weather gets colder. This chain necklace from T A R G E T is definitely one of my favorite pieces I own. It seems to pull any outfit together perfectly. 

Don't forget to enter the G I V E A W A Y to win two free pairs of leggings from A D O R N I T

Have a great Thursday! I'm off to make T H I S banana chocolate chip bread and pack for my girls' weekend in St. George! Love you all! 


Fall Leggings Giveaway with ADORNit

Top: T A R G E T | Leggings: c/o A D O R N I T | Shoes: T A R G E T | Necklace: T A R G E T

Fall is officially here! If you know me, you know I basically wait all year for this season. Summer is probably my least favorite season (I know, weirdo), and while I'm not a huge fan of all the snow from winter, I'm willing to put up with both if it means I get a spring and a fall. I've been making everything pumpkin lately (including T H I S marble chocolate-pumpkin bread that is divine), and all the scarves and sweaters have been pulled out from the back of my closet. 

One of my favorite trends this year has been leggings. You couldn't ask for a more comfortable piece of clothing, and the fun designs and colors make it easy to brighten any outfit. Quick story about this one: while grocery shopping, I was stopped by a woman who was probably 90 years old and was kindly informed that my outfit "simply didn't match." I just smiled and thanked her for letting me know. Haha! I can't stop laughing about it. Pattern mixing is one of my favorite styles, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't used to people giving me strange looks sometimes. In high school, I even had a girl try to take a picture of me in the halls (I was wearing a fab Urban Outfitters dress that was before its time. Another reason I loved it). I just asked if she wanted me in a certain pose. Buuuuut I digress. You didn't come here to read about my high school bully moments. You're here because.....


I've teamed up with ADORNit Shoppe this week to give away two free pairs of leggings to one lucky Kaylie Marie reader. The giveaway will be a series, going on until Friday with three different chances to enter. So check back tomorrow for a new legging look and another chance to win two for yourself! 

ADORNit has had their boutique for five years with two locations (H E R E and H E R E), as well as their O N L I N E shop. 

Enter using the Rafflecopter below, and good luck! 

Ps. I'm having my annual girls' weekend in St. George this Friday, and I can't wait! I hope you all have a great fall week! Drink a pumpkin steamer for me. ;) 

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