Family Pictures 2014

A couple months ago, the Hooser clan had the opportunity to get pictures taken by the incredibly talented Avi of A V I  S T O D D A R D  P H O T O G R A P H Y. Avi and I actually went to high school together and grew up in the same ward, so it was so fun to see her again and catch up! I have watched her talent for photography grow over the years and couldn't have been more excited to have the chance to work with her. 

I love how Avi captured the different sides of us: both goofy and sweet (because how can you have a family photo session without a dance party?). I can honestly say I felt more comfortable with Avi than I have with any other photographer. She knows exactly what she's doing. No trying to figure out which poses to do or where to put your hands (something I'll never learn). And she is FAST. Our entire session lasted less than an hour, and she captured so many wonderful moments. I know it seems like I probably posted every picture because there's a ton, but I swear I didn't. These were just my absolute-can't-not-post favorites. I could go on and on about how impressed I was with Avi, but I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. 

If you're in the Salt Lake/Utah County, be sure to book A V I for your next photography session! 


Hooser Home Tour: Part 1

My living room has always been a room that I've never felt 100% satisfied with. I'm a creative person, and because so, I'm always thinking of new things to change and additions to make. If I had all the time and money I wanted, I would change a lot about my living room, but I've decided to stop thinking that way and be happy with the way it is now. When I think about how blessed I am to have the things I do, I don't feel the need to have more or change things anymore. I notice how wonderful my life is already, and I become fulfilled. 

Most of the pieces in my home are unique and have a story behind them. Most items are gifts or previously owned by another person, some more than 50 years ago. You could say I have a thing for old stuff. ;) 


// Antique rocking chair from 1932. A gift from a 70 year old antique collector (complete stranger) for our wedding.

// Bridesmaid bouquet from my dear friend C A R L I E ' S wedding

// Custom family portrait drawing by my talented friend H A L E Y.  

// Hedgehog salt and pepper shakers from T A R G E T.

// Deer antlers from my father-in-law's taxidermy shop.

// Earth laughs in flowers print from my sweet K A L E E.

// "Sammy the Squirrel" shot and taxidermized by my husband, Preston, when he was 13. Basically, Sammy is the symbol of compromise in our marriage. And I've kind of grown to love him. 

// Built in book case

// Mosaic tile entry way

Stay tuned for more peeks into the Hooser Home, and have the loveliest day!


The Coziest Fall Accessories with Dance Chickens Dance

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I'm excited to talk about this comfy and stylish scarf pictured above from Dance Chickens Dance. Every piece from this adorable Etsy shop is handmade, and the quality of each product is a huge focus for its owner, Kate. 

My favorite thing about this scarf is the quality of the material. I've always had sensitive skin (thanks, ginger powers), so the fact that this scarf feels perfectly soft on my neck is so huge to me. I never find myself wanting to tear it off by the end of the day, like I do with most other scarves. Plaid is one of my favorite trends this fall, and the classic colors and pattern in this scarf fits in perfectly with the rest of my fall staples. Dance Chickens Dance also features hand made bow ties that you just have to check out. I basically want each and every one of them. 

Use promo code: KAYLIE20 for 20% off your entire purchase at Dance Chickens Dance until November 11th. 

Happy shopping! 

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