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Tropical Maxi + 17 Week 'Lemonade'

One of my favorite summer trends has been all of the tropical prints. I tend to stay away from bright, flashy colors, so when my sweet mama pulled this navy number out of her closet, it was heart eyes right away. (She also gave me the exact same dress in black. I'm obsessed. Shhhhh.) I've had the hardest time wanting to buy summer maternity clothes because now that my belly is big enough to actually fit them, it's almost august, and soon my closet will be full of glorious fall pieces. So thrifting, as always, has saved me. And my mama. Obvs. (Hey, mom!) 

As I've mentioned, I haven't had much time or energy to give to my little blog, and while I'm feeling better lately and have some fun collaborations planned, I still won't be blogging as much as before. That thought used to stress me out, but I've finally realized it's completely OKAY. I truly do enjoy writing here, so I will continue to as often as I can, but I'm not going to allow it to make me feel guilty if I don't feel up to it for a week or two. 

You understand. Right? :) 

I also realized that I haven't documented hardly anything about this pregnancy. Honestly, with everything that's been going on with Ezra, and just having a toddler in the first place, sometimes I forget I am pregnant. (Sorry, little babe) So I've decided to give you all a little 17 week update:


That Perfect Diaper Bag | Lily Jade

Ever since I found out we were having baby #2, I have been borderline obsessed with finding that perfect diaper bag. 


Life Lately | June 2015

1. Wearing: Loose, comfy tees with flowy, vintage skirts that fit over my bump. The more pattern mixing, the better! 
2. C O O K I N G: Apple pie from scratch. In need of some serious pie crust practice. 
3. W A T C H I N G: Just finished season 3 and kiiiind of freaking out about the ending. Also how hot is Ruby Rose?! 
4. L I S T E N I N G  T O: Carol King is so, so good for my soul. 
5. R E A D I N G: Read last month for book club and thought it was meh. I think my expectations for it were too high. Beautiful writing, though. 
6. W A N T I N G: I recently became an ambassador for Lily Jade, and I can't wait to receive my gorgeous diaper bag! Stay tuned for reviews! 

Have a lovely Sunday, babes!
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