Chili-Eating Sweater

Sweater: Target (S I M I L A R) | Tee: Down East (S I M I L A R) | Bag: Trifted | Boots: Henry Ferrera (S I M I L A R) | Glasses: E Y E B U Y D I R E C T 

Can we talk about this perfect fall weather? I've always thought the 50's were the best temperature for me. Just right for a sweater and some boots, but not too cold...yet. I wore this outfit yesterday and cooked chili for dinner last night, and while I was eating it, I thought, "This is the perfect sweater for eating chili." Yes, these are the kinds of thoughts that run through my head. But seriously. I don't think I can eat chili wearing anything else now! The length of this sweater is a little shorter, leaving it perfect for fall layering. I also love the stitching details along the side and the unique pockets. 

I can't wait to get my hands on the incredible plaid scarf coming my way (keep your eyes out for a review of it) and a few slouchy beanies. What are your fall staples? Have the best weekend!


Baked Pecan Rosemary Tilapia Recipe

I've been on a huge fish kick lately. Which is kind of funny because I used to really dislike fish. I used to dislike a lot of things, actually. Thank goodness for an adventurous husband who opens my mind to new possibilities in life (not only with food). Anyway, I've been hoarding a ton of fish recipes on Pinterest, and this baked pecan rosemary tilapia is one of my favorites so far.

So enjoy! Let me know if you tried it and how you liked it! Do you have any favorite fish recipes I should try?

Original recipe H E R E.


Edgy Meets Country

Overalls: Thrifted | Shirt: Target (S I M I L A R) | Bag: Thrifted | Boots: B E L L A  M E) | Necklace: c/o F I F T H & M A E

Now that I've lived in Logan for almost two years, I figured it was time I owned a pair of overalls. I just so happened to come upon these vintage Blue Zone babies while rummaging through my parents' Halloween boxes. Yep. You could say I've got a problem. I'm also 100% sure they were used for my dad's old scarecrow costume, so yes, they're men's overalls. Not mad about it. I realize that overalls might not be the most flattering item for us large-chested girls, but I've always been about challenging fashion 'rules.' I have a bold, unique style, and I'm not going to let my curves stop me from expressing that. 

I've always loved thrift shopping, but I've noticed lately that I've been taking it to a new level. While cleaning my closet out to make room for fall items, I realized that over half of my wardrobe is thrifted. I was actually really excited about it! I love remembering the stories that go with every unique thrifted item, and I love that I'm not worried about seeing every other girl with the same piece. Not that I don't also love some of the trends. I'm just a thrift-finder, deal-hunter at heart. 

PS. There is, indeed, a baby Box Elder bug on my chest in basically all of these photos. Hello, friend! 

PSS. This is the first time I've been able to braid my hair back since I cut it! High five!

Love you guys. 
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