Apr 21, 2014

Easter Highlights

// Easter morning with my handsome, little Ezra. Used my tutorial to make his bow tie.

// Sixties inspired dress. Anyone else watching too much Mad Men lately? 

// Easter egg hunts with grandparents. Ezra wasn't a big fan of the Easter Bunnies. (His face kills me.) 

// Coloring Easter eggs with aunts, cousins, and Grandma. His hand was blue for days. 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter! I loved spending time with friends and family. The weekend was absolute bliss apart from when my sister-in-law fell from a tree while we were having a picnic at the park and was rushed to the hospital. She's having surgery on her fractured wrist this morning. Prayers for that poor, sweet girl. We love you so much, Kate!

I'm so grateful to have a Heavenly Father and Savior who are willing to sacrifice so much to atone for our sins. I believe my Savior, Jesus Christ died for me. I believe he died for us all that we might start clean again each day and learn to come closer to Him. I believe the atonement is real. I believe it's not only there to wash away our sins, but also to give us support during our darkest hours. He has already paid the price. Lean unto Him and allow Him to take your burdens from you.

I love my Savior, and I love all of you.

Apr 8, 2014

Life Lately | April






Listening To: 




// I've been loving this maxi dress lately and have worn just about every top in my closet over it.
// I don't think a film has ever made me feel so uplifted and excited about life. LOVED About Time.
// "Whale" has been on repeat for a month now.
// My favorite kinds of books are memoirs. Especially funny ones. 'The Bloggess' is one of my favorites.
// This floral dressssss. Ahhhhhhh. Please arrive on my porch ASAP.
// And of course, sweet Ezra. He can say so much now and is basically stronger than me. Stop growning!!

Have a wonderful week, loves!

Apr 5, 2014

Insecurities | Link Up

1. Large boobs
2. Large hips/thighs
3. Double chin 
4. Baby stretch marks 
5. Fat feet
6. Thin lips 
7. Sensitive skin 
8. Big nose
9. Small forehead
10. Freckles

My good friend Kalee from Fred Rongo and I have been talking about insecurities lately, and we thought it would be a good idea to start a conversation about it around the blogesphere. Not to bring others down, but to help each other realize that we all have them. We are all imperfect, and we shouldn't expect perfection from ourselves or each other.

I was stuck with this state of mind that I was supposed to be a certain way for a long time. Each time I looked in the mirror, I was disappointed when I didn't see what I thought was expected of me. And then I realized something: all of us aren't supposed to be a certain way. We are supposed to be different. Not all of us are meant to be a size zero or have perfect, full lips. As soon as I was willing to accept this idea and stop expecting to see someone I'm not, it changed everything. 

We need to recognize the strengths in each other that we already have. Yes, we have faults as well, but most some things society defines as faults aren't real faults at all. They aren't things that should affect us in any way, but for some reason, we let them control us. We let them define how our day goes. How we view the world and ourselves. We let ourselves compare our lives to others' and think we aren't good enough, special enough, thin enough, beautiful enough, whatever enough. Well I say ENOUGH to the enoughs. (Was that enough enoughs?) 

So there is my (completely honest and un-edited) list of insecurities that I am working on accepting. I'm letting them go. Please feel free to participate in the Link Up below. Let's all get over the imperfections and bring to light the strengths we all know are there. 

Love you all.

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