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Life Lately | August 2015

Wearing: Thrifted finds that are loose and muted, neutral colors. I thrifted these M O T H E R H O O D  M A T E R N I T Y jeans for $3!
C O O K I N G: The most delicious, savory meatballs I've ever had. (Also added to my R E C I P E S tab)
W A T C H I N G: Preston and I finally started watching a few months ago, and ohhhhh myyyyyy gooooooooooshhhhh. Someone please tell me they're also a fan so I can geek out and talk about it!
L I S T E N I N G  T O: The perfect album for those long drives
R E A D I N G: Guys, I don't think I could love these books more. It feels like I'm reading about Preston and myself, and I love it. Definitely recommend them! 
W A N T I N G: The perfect clogs for fall. And winter. And summer. Old Navy has been killing it lately!


Fall Style Series Look Two | Watercolor Maxi

Dress: c/o P I N K  B L U S H 
Shoes: Roolee (love T H E S E)

As soon as I was able to process the fact that I was having another baby and started thinking about M A T E R N I T Y  C L O T H E S, I knew I wanted my pieces to be as versatile as possible. Any parent knows that multi-functionality is key when it comes to accomplishing a smooth day with kids. The less complicated your items are and the more you can get out of them, the better. 

Enter P I N K  B L U S H  M A T E R N I T Y and this dream of a M A T E R N I T Y  M A X I  D R E S S. The fabric is light and soft, making it the best of both summer and fall worlds, and the stretchy material allows for as much or little room as your bump needs. My favorite part of this dress is the neck line that allows for opening, which means this maternity dress is now the perfect nursing dress too! A dress that lasts through your entire pregnancy and after? I don't think it gets better than that for me. And you mamas know how hard it is to nurse in a dress. I'm so excited that I don't have to basically get rid of all of my dresses as soon as the baby comes because Pink Blush has a ton of incredible M A T E R N I T Y  D R E S S E S that double as nursing dresses! 

It's hard to go wrong with P I N K B L U S H  M A T E R N I T Y, and I have one more look to share in my Fall Style Series, so keep your eyes open! Have a lovely week! 


Fall Style Series ft. Pink Blush | Duster at the Docks

Duster: c/o P I N K  B L U S H 
Belted Top: c/o P I N K  B L U S H 
Leggings: c/o P I N K  B L U S H 
Boots: Roolee Boutique (sold out, S I M I L A R)
Photos: K Y L I E  H A R R I S. (If you're in the Cache County area and need pictures for your blog, family, or really anything, check her out!)

I know everyone keeps talking about how they don't want summer to end, but I've always been a fall girl, and I am more than ready for some crunchy leaves, a crisp, cool breeze, and all the pumpkin everything, ever. It's no secret that fall is my favorite time of year, and I especially love the fashion that comes with it. 

P I N K  B L U S H  M A T E R N I T Y is always my first stop for great M A T E R N I T Y  C L O T H E SM A T E R N I T Y  D R E S S E S, and other T R E N D Y  M A T E R N I T Y  C L O T H E SThis D U S T E R from them is one of my favorite pieces because it can easily be transitioned from summer to fall. Throw it over this classic B E L T E D  T O P, some fleece leggings, and that perfect pair of boots, and you're ready for any cool fall day. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and check back later for the second look in my Fall Style Series ft. my favorite M A T E R N I T Y  B O U T I Q U E, Pink Blush!

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