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Florence and I | Picnic Stop in Filmore

Last week, on our way to California for our Disneyland vacation, we decided to stop in Filmore, UT to have a little picnic lunch and stretch our legs. Luckily, Ezra flew there with Preston's family, so it was just the three of us making the long drive. Florence surprised us all by how well she took the drive. It also helped that we timed driving with her nap times so that she was able to sleep for most of it.

I love this little shoot because it was completely spontaneous. We had all been driving for six hours at this point, I didn't have any makeup done, my hair was up so it wouldn't annoy me on our drive, and my outfit was simply picked out because it's the most comfortable one I have.

My favorite photos that are captured are those candid, real moments when we're least expecting it.


Modern, Simple Headbands with Jay + Bella

Most of you know by now that my style is very simple, modern, and minimal. When I had kids, this style also came to life in their clothing, and it's been so fun to explore it with both of my children. 

A majority of Florence's clothes are gender neutral, and she definitely wears more blue than pink (it looks so good with her big, blue eyes!), but I also love a good dress, some lace, and, of course, bows. However, I'm not a big fan of the huge ones that seem to take over the baby's entire face. Like I said: I prefer sweet and simple. So when I found J A Y  +  B E L L A, I was so excited! They offer the most darling headbands and bows for the modern mama who wants to accent her daughter's face, not over-power it. I love the high quality of the material, the color selection, and how soft and stretchy the nylon band is. Especially because it grows with your child, so they can continue to wear it into their toddler years - it even stretches to fit an adult! Plus, it's so soft that it won't harm your baby or irritate their skin. They stay in place well, and Florence doesn't even know she's wearing them. 

Be sure to check out Jay + Belle and explore the links below for more! 


Life Lately | May 2016

1. W E A R I N G: All about light, breathable, comfy summer clothes. This little shoot with Florence will be on here soon!
6. W A N T I N G: Florence is accruing quite the collection of bows and headbands. Keep your eyes out for my review of this darling shop!  
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