Hoodie Weather with HoodWee

Hoodie: c/o H O O D W E E
Jeans: O L D  N A V Y
Shoes: C O N V E R S E

On Wednesday night, I heard some strange noises coming from Ezra's room, so I quickly opened the door and found him choking on his own throw up. I rolled him over, and he was fine, but it was so scary. I can't imagine a worse feeling than when your child is in danger. While I cleaned him up, he was shaking so badly, so I just held him for what seemed like forever until he calmed down. Once he was taken care of, I laid him back in bed, and he said, "Lay, mama." I climbed in bed with him and sang to him while I stroked his hair, and after a few minutes, he looked at me and whispered, "Pray, mama." That sweet prayer that he asked for was one of the most tender moments of my life, and I know I'll never forget it. Ezra fell asleep soon after, and I slipped out and just thanked my Heavenly Father for that opportunity. I'm so glad that Preston and I have instilled prayer into his life enough for him to know he can call upon it in times of gratitude and sickness. I hate to think about what would have happened if I wasn't up (it was at midnight, and I'm almost never wake that late) and didn't hear his faint choking sounds. These are one of those moments that I will so often come to when I doubt for a second the realness of my Heavenly Father and the power of personal revelation. 
On a happier note! 


How cute is this hoodie from H O O D W E E? Ezra calls it his "red coat" and hasn't wanted to take it off since it arrived. He wore it to the Hill Air Force Museum on Monday, and it has been the perfect thing for this mild winter weather. It's thick and cozy but not too hot that he can't wear it all day. The material is very high quality, and with all the color combinations, you're bound to find something perfect for your little one. 

One of my favorite qualities of the H O O D W E E is how long they are. It's no secret that Ezra is a tall toddler, so when I find something that is long enough to last the test of time, I get so excited to share it. Be sure to check out the links below, and enjoy your Friday! Thanks for stopping by!

+ S H O P 


Ezra's Bedroom Makeover Ft. Little Ark

Good Afternoon! Today I'm excited to finally be revealing Ezra's little room makeover. It's crazy how quickly children grow in all aspects: physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Ezra has needed an entire new wardrobe every single season so far, and I don't expect that to slow down any time soon. He already stands above my waist, and I'm sure he'll be taller than me before I know it.

Ezra has also grown out of his nursery, and I finally got around to "maturing" his room. And while the twin bed is obviously quite large for him, when he spread out in his toddler bed, his toes touched the ends. He is just a crazy tall kid! (Not surprising seeing as his father is 6'4")

I knew I wanted a neutral color pallet because when we have another baby, they'll be sharing this room until we move for grad school. Plus I just love neutrals. I also love the natural wood details and how they tie the blacks, whites, and grays together.

Some of my absolute favorite parts of Ezra's room are the prints from L I T T L E  A R K. If you've spent any time with Ezra, you know how much he loves the moon, stars, and really anything to do with space. He's been so happy to be able to point at that adorable "Let's Fly to the Moon" print and say, "Moon! Stars!" He also tells me that the bear says "Rawwr" and points to his "S T A Y  W I LD,  C H I L D" print. I love the simple designs of these prints, and you'll find the same quality in every one of Little Ark's prints and children's clothing.

These prints were the perfect addition to Ezra's new "Big Boy" room, with just the right amount of child-like whimsy and sophistication. Click the links below to learn more about Little Ark and find your next favorite print/clothes for your littles!


Life Lately | January

1. W E A R I N G (Scarf love)
3. W A T C H I N G (Just finished. :( A piece of me is now missing.)
5. R E A D I N G (Nerdy fantasy that's 800 pages long, for my book club, and completely amazing)

I used to do these L I F E  L A T E L Y posts every month, and I haven't done one in forever, so I thought I'd start it back up again.

Enjoy your Saturday! You'll find me at Club Alison with all of your favorite bloggers to sell our gently used and new clothes and accessories this morning. See you all there! Thanks for stopping by!
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