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That Perfect Diaper Bag | Lily Jade

Diaper Bag: c/o L I L Y  J A D E
Jeans: O L D  N A V Y 

Ever since I found out we were having baby #2, I have been borderline obsessed with finding that perfect diaper bag. If you know me, you know bags have always been my weakness. Just ask my husband how many I've got stashed in the closet... ;) I learned with Ezra that when it comes to diaper bags, it's about so much more than just a fashion statement. Your diaper bag will either make or break your parental experience while on the go. I never felt prepared to leave the house with Ezra because I skimped out on my bag, leaving me without much room to put things. That's why I promised myself I wouldn't make the same mistake with this one! And with a newborn and a toddler to tote around? You better believe I'm going to be prepared! 

This is where L I L Y J A D E makes all of my wildest dreams come true. 

As I was searching for my perfect diaper bag, I kept finding others were leaving me wanting something. "That one is really stylish and simple, but there's not enough pockets." "This one has a ton of pockets, but that print is so tacky..." With my Lily Jade bag, I have everything I want in a diaper bag and more. So, so much more. 

Let's just talk about how ugly diaper bags can be. Since when did the print start looking like it was for the baby and not the mom who was going to be wearing/using it? This leather exterior is so soft, and you can't ask for a more classic, modern look than leather. Finally, a diaper bag for grown-ups! 

Another favorite feature of mine that comes with all Lily Jade bags is the removable, washable "baby bag." This puppy has 16 pockets in it, you guys. 16! There's enough storage for your bottles, diapers, wipes, nursing needs, blankets, toys, clothes, and more! And the best part? It snaps right into place in the bag, so when mom has one of her rare moments when she gets to go out without the babes, she can just snap it out and only have the things she needs. Lighter, more convenient, and still just as stylish as before. 

My absolute favorite part of my Madeline Lily Jade bag, though? You can wear it three different ways! In my search, I knew I wanted a backpack feature because the less you have in your hands with two littles, the better. So when I saw how the Madeline can be worn as a cross-body, a hand bag, and a backpack, I was completely sold. Let's just say it was love at first site with this bag, and I simply could not recommend it more highly to all of my moms and moms-to-be. 

Thanks so much for reading, and make sure you check out the links below for more info about Lily Jade and their incredible bags! 


Life Lately | June 2015

1. Wearing: Loose, comfy tees with flowy, vintage skirts that fit over my bump. The more pattern mixing, the better! 
2. C O O K I N G: Apple pie from scratch. In need of some serious pie crust practice. 
3. W A T C H I N G: Just finished season 3 and kiiiind of freaking out about the ending. Also how hot is Ruby Rose?! 
4. L I S T E N I N G  T O: Carol King is so, so good for my soul. 
5. R E A D I N G: Read last month for book club and thought it was meh. I think my expectations for it were too high. Beautiful writing, though. 
6. W A N T I N G: I recently became an ambassador for Lily Jade, and I can't wait to receive my gorgeous diaper bag! Stay tuned for reviews! 

Have a lovely Sunday, babes!


Vintage Maternity Sun Dress

Dress: Vintage (Grandma Joy)
Sandals: Target (S I M I L A R)
Necklace: c/o F I F T H & M A E

Oh, hey world. It's been a bit. I feel like I could probably type forever because so much has happened in the past couple months. But I'll try to keep it to a readable length. ;) 

When I was pregnant with Ezra, I pretty much never got sick. I didn't feel like I was that tired, and I think I threw up, like twice. Basically, I got it way easy. And silly me thought I might get just as spoiled with this pregnancy, but the universe has been laughing in my face as I've stuck mine in the toilet pretty much every day for the past three months.

THEN, a couple weeks ago, Ezra basically got ran over by a motorcycle, which broke two bones in his arm and his tibia (big bone in your shin area). I feel like I have a 35 pound newborn at the moment because Ezra can't walk and is completely dependent for everything. Combine these two situations, and I'm completely exhausted at the end of (and during) every day. It's definitely done a number on my mood lately. I haven't wanted to look at my phone, and the thought of blogging or taking pictures of myself has been about as inviting as the thought of running 20 miles in the middle of the desert. 

So, ya know. Excuses and stuff. 


But now I'm into my second trimester, and I'm feeling super ready to jump back into this little space of mine. So bare with me as I try to balance taking care of my cast-bound toddler and managing this growing life inside me.

Thank you for everyone's kind words and support about Ezra. Seriously, more acts of love have been shown to that little boy than I ever thought I would see, and it has made my mama heart swell. I love you all so much! 
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